“TV” – Pp 2007


Pedro Pinheiro, 2007

Available on DVD; dv pal; 4:3; colour and sound; aprox. time: 40 minutes

This movie is a warning! Television power is show by the revelation of the light mechanic that this electro domestic possess.
The images captures were made during several circular communications (feedbacks) between one television and one video camera. The archive of this dialogs stayed under incubation and observation during the time of reaction and mutations after contact with the other components.
This days the magic box transfer information around the globe using hypnotic lights that we can consider responsible for the change of an human into: a vegetable sit down on a couch, a dreamer, a standard being, a maniac genius, a compulsive consumer, a fundamentalist, a president, a criminal or one hero.
We all should have a special attention with the ways of using and managing the remote control, because a stop, a passage or sort of contemplation can cause secundary effects visible after a short period of time.


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